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Please enter your first name and surname in the text boxes provided.

To link your account to your son/daughter, please enter your email address that you gave the college on their applications form. Your email would have been given to the College as part of the emergency contact details. If you do not know or cannot remember the email address, please click on the Forgotten / not known? link to supply some additional information.

Please enter your son/daughter's student number. This can be found on the back of their student card which they would have been issued with after they enrolled at the College. Please enter all 8 characters of the students number, including the 'SC' prefix.

Then enter the password that you would like to use and then click Create. A confirmation will be emailed to you after your account has been successfully created.

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Please complete this form to setup a parent portal account.
Please enter your name and the email address that we have on our system for you. This email would have been provided on your son / daughter's applications form. If you are unsure, click "Forgotten / not known" for additional security checks.
The Student Number is found on the back of the student card which is issued after enrolment.
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