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In order to register as a user, we first need some information from you. As we haven't got a record of your email address, we would like some additional information in order to link your account to your son/daughter.

Please enter your first name and surname in the text boxes provided.

Please enter your current email address. This will be the one we send a confirmation email to.

Please enter your son/daughter's student number. This can be found on the back of their student card which they would have been issued with after they enrolled at the College. Please enter all 8 characters of the students number, including the 'SC' prefix.

Please enter your son/daughter's date of birth along with the post code where they currently reside.

Then enter the password that you would like to use and then click Create. A confirmation will be emailed to you after your account has been successfully created.

If you have any problems, please click on the Contact Us button on the left hand side.

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